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Saturday, April 2, 2011

For radio transmission 8

-Mr Expo-

They call Ernie Banks Mr. Cub, because he is the most recognizable iconographic face in that franchise. I'm not talking about the most talented player in history which is by far Vlad Guerrero but the guy who represents the Expos the best throughout their existence.In my opinion there's only two guys who can be considered as possibly being Mr Expo...and that's Warren Cromartie or Tim Raines. Guys who were infinitely proud to wear the uniform and always talk glowingly about the organization. Carter and unfortunately Dawson I don't think can be considered.

Warren Cromartie is Mr. Expo because of the flag waving event during the 1981 playoffs against the Phillies....which isolated Cro as the most iconic Expo in my opinion.

1981 NLCS

The Philadelphia fans were notoriously fanatic and crazy. These guys threw snow balls at Santa Claus one time, the city of brotherly love was regarded as being the most hateful city in sports for decades and decades. So Cro, after catching the final out off the bat of Manny Trillo and the Expos win the 81 NLCS over the hated Phillies the guy runs towards two fans who drove down from Montreal and takes the Canadian flag they're waving, and starts running around the field waving the Canadian flag and gesturing and taunting the Philidelphia fans...they responded by whipping batteries and other projectiles at him. That to me is the single most badass and iconoic image and event in Expos history. The culmination of victory and the Cro's Badassery is what makes it the pinnacle moment in their existence.

It really is the only glorious victory in Expos history...they won a playoff series. Expos history is a long series of defeat after defeat after defeat...from the expansion years to Blue Monday then the 94 strike year...and finally the Death in 2004. You really build character through hardships...and after seeing so much defeat, to watch the video of this game and see their only glorious victory in history is really impressive.

Heart of those late seventies early eighties Expos

If they awarded Captain "C" in baseball (the Red Sox did for Jason Varitek), Cro could have easily been Captain...though management would have surely given it to their golden guy Gary Carter. I think the Cro was captain of those Expos teams in that era.

Oh shit, it's Oh.
To illustrate the point, a great quote from his time in Japan I got here...it's from a dude named Saduharu Oh-San, the legendary Saduharu Oh-San...who hit over 800 homeruns in the Nippon league...he was asked after his Yomuri Giants won the championship who in the locker room was the team leader...and he responded, "KU-RO-Matei-san." Which is how they pronounce Cromartie in those parts.

There's a great video on youtube where Bill Lee is giving his opinion on what killed Expos and surprisingly he states one of the reasons was the owner's coddling of Gary Carter. Like they say in wrestling "a babyface sells seats," so they made Carter the babyface of the Expos and put his big smile on everything imaginable. Other guys resented that and Cro was the one who was the most vocal about it...one story has Carter pandering to the media and smiling and running up to the cameras after the game and the Cro goes..."at least wait til they ask you a question man!"

Japan (49)

In 1983 he journeyed east...

They're really superstitious there and into all kinds of pseudosciences...like making lineup changes over silly things like blood types or graphology. So when Cro got to Japan and chose to wear the number he wore with the Expos...they were shocked. The number 49 in Japan is like the number 13 here but times 100...the number 4 looks almost exactly like the Hirigana symbol for DEATH, and 9 has a striking similarity to the symbol for Suffering. So here's the Cro strolling into superstition central with DEATH and SUFFERING written on his back.

originally written for the Throwdown Radio show on Mike FM

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