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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free Education...get it while it's hot and while it's still on the internet.

Many universities are uploading their lectures online nowadays. It might be a good idea to take some of your spare time and absorb some of this data because I'm not sure the internet is always going to be a free flow of information like it is right now.

You don't really need to dish out thousands of dollars to gain a university level education anymore, nor do you have to get up early in the morning, or lose out on working and earning money to attend classes, or sit in a room with spoiled trust-fund-having greasy little self-righteous hipster scumbags who do not even appreciate the education they are recieving.

The following are some good ones, you can put out a search for more though...there's a lot out there.

UC Berkeley

Current and archived courses.

Gutenberg free books

This isn't a university but just Database of 33,000 free books for you to read and shit. I used to use Online Books (http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/) but it has only 10,000 books and has been surpassed by Gutenberg.

National Programme on Technical and Advanced Learning

These videos are good and they're fun because everyone is Indian and has an Indian Accent. It gives the simulated experience of attending an Indian University. I really like this one.

Khan Academy

This is not a university, and doesn't come across 100% professional but the guy presents a lot of topics and a lot of them are pretty good.


Assorted lectures an a wide range of topics.


Various topics, similar to TED.

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