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Thursday, June 16, 2011

True, brother, true...

"You know, sometimes I get the feeling that, that, uh, accountants and lawyers are in cahoots with the devil, yee-ah, they're in cahoots with the devil to cover the Earth...cover the earth with this wretched swill. A swill of gutless, mediocre, middle of the road, sleep-inducin', homogenized pablum, background music for the slavery of daily drudgery. 

Sometimes I get that feeling...but I KNOW IT'S A LIE! I KNOW IT'S NOT TRUE! I know it's not true, and I'm talking to Arthur Conley now! Arthur Conley I'm talking to ya! I'm saying Arthur where are ya!? We need you to help us Arthur! We need ya to help us sing!!!!!!

Ya! We gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta-gotta HAVE MORE SOUL!"

-Mojo Nixon

I love this song. I keep it my phone and when I'm doing jobs that can be considered as slave-like, boring, even described as literal daily drudgery...I love it when this song pops into my ears. He sets it up so well...you're standing there doing some boring shit and Moj is all like "homogenized pablum! Sleep inducin'!" and I'm like "Ya! I know what you fucking mean brotha!!" and at that moment you are totally one hundred percent down with the notion that a person knows exactly how you feel. Then he switches gears and bursts right through the boring shittiness and tells you that "It's not TRUE!" that it's a fucking "LIE!" and you start feeling your shit brewing up in your soul and your soul is your friend...you gotta take care of your friends! Your soul is a cool guy/lady who digs sweet Soul Music...that good soul music! Your soul can really turn it out and turn it loose, and switch mic-holdin' hands with the greatest of human ease and with such seemless lateral movement! Then you heed his advice and look into to your heart and summon up the spirit of Arthur Conley and feel your heart and brain fill with adrenaline and then friday comes along and you punch out and you get a 12 pack of beers and call up all your fucking friends and go downtown and get down and feel alive and come home with two black eyes and you don't even remember or care how you got'em cause you know it was probably pretty fucking cool anyhow......YEAH! Life is a sweet fruit and life is an oyster! You know!?

......then monday comes.

Help me Moj! Help me Please!

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