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Monday, March 18, 2013

You Only Have 3 Days Left to......

....Burn your body until your blood coagulates and becomes gold bio-plasmic liquid light.

Yeah. March 20, 2013 is the DROP DEAD date to do that.

Wiley Brooks

Crazy Mother Fucker
About a year or so ago I wrote about a dude named Wiley Brooks (here). Wiley promotes a religion he created called Breatharianism.

The basic tenet of Breatharianism is to not eat nor drink...but learn to live off of breathing as the sole method of sustaining the mind and body.

Anyone who reads a lot of kook writing knows that all kooks fall into 2 basic categories. On the one hand, you have the ones who say the craziest shit to convince dumb people to give them money, and the other group are people who are genuinely insane and out of their respective minds.

Wiley is 100% a kook who says the craziest shit to get people to give him money....and oh man...this guy says the craziest shit.

Wiley has been running this shtick for a pretty long time now, (as evidenced by this Tom Snyder interview): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rybFmE2qtaw

I got to thinking about Wiley again for two reasons. For one, March 20, 2013 is approaching and Wiley prophesized that this is the date you must set fire to your body in order to heat your blood in order to remove the iron particles and coagulate it into a paste of golden bio-plasmic liquid light.

Also, Wiley claims to have been Saint Francis of Assisi in a past life...and yesterday the new Pope chose the name Saint Francis of Assisi. It made me think that Wiley would be writing kooky nonsense again and he surely did not disappoint...

Wiley is back writing and it's....it's.....fantastically insane. This is a statement from his site:


Wiley is now claiming to be the "Creator of the Universe" and he's recommending his followers do some amazingly stupid things.

He's actually telling people to light themselves on fire before the due date of March 20, 2013. I hope that no one takes this seriously, I really really do.

"Before you can withstand the amount of heat (fire) generated by this Ascension initiation process your blood stream must have already been converted to a type of gold bio-plasmic liquid light. Therefore replacing the iron that is normally found in the blood. A body that still contains blood cells with iron will not be able to survive the heat (wall of fire) that protects the entrances, portals, vortices and stargates into the 5th Dimensional Worlds.

" - Brooks, W.
If you thought telling people to stop eating and drinking was dangerous, what do think about him telling people to light themselves on fire? Oh boy...

If Anyone is Taking this Seriously

I know people who join cults and organized religions are pretty stupid and all...but if anyone out there is seriously considering burning themselves in order to train their blood to withstand a "wall of fire" that separates the 3rd dimension from the 5th dimension.....please....back the fuck up and re-examine the situation. Honestly, this is hilarious and everything, but it is really dumb for Wiley to tell people to do something like this.

This new aspect to Breathanarianism is so fucked up that I think Wiley has become my favorite kook of all time. Move over Gene Ray, I have a new All-Time Favorite Kook. Wiley is numero uno in the bat shittery department from now on.

On A Serious Note Though...

I'm being 100% honest now, if any of you reading this are in a cult or organized religion of any sort, please, don't listen to your spiritual leader if they tell you to harm yourself or others. As hilarious as Wiley's new writings are there is a possibility that someone will cause harm to themselves because of this bullshit. Don't believe me? Maybe you should browse that great site "What's the Harm" in your spare time one day.

"What's the Harm" categorizes news stories of people who harmed themselves or others due to beliefs in cults and organized religions. Believe me, there's people dumb enough to try this, I'm not joking.

Link: http://whatstheharm.net/

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