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Friday, May 10, 2013

Fund for three victims in the Cleveland kidnapping.

There's a fund set up to donate money to the 3 victims in Cleveland (Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus).


Early reports suggest it's gotten to over $30,000 in just one day...pretty good.

If the internet rallied to donate $700,000 to that Karen Klein lady just for being called fat on a school bus...I think the internet can generate some good money for these young women.

If being called fat nets you $700,000....then to place a monetary value on the horrors these 3 young women went through in Cleveland....(using the Karen Klein pledge drive as a model)...these 3 women should receive about....

....I'd say 100 trillion dollars.

I donated to the Cleveland Courage Fund...and I think everyone should. The rest of these women's lives should be full of happiness, freedom, and good will. If anyone deserves to be happy it is them.

"If the scales of life are weighted down with cruelty, The other side must be lifted up with love..." -Mr. Wrong

On a Related Note:

From 2004:  http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2013/05/amanda_berry_is_dead_psychic_t.html

On the Montel Williams show in 2004, "psychic" Syliva Browne told Amanda Berry's mother that...  

"She's dead, honey....I see a garbage bin and a jacket with DNA."
The Grief Vampire

Friends of Berry's mother said she was so heartbroken after this that she gave up on life and died soon after. You can't blame her death on Browne but you have to admit that Browne is an awful woman.

I saw someone on the JREF's facebook's page refer to Sylvia Browne as a "grief vampire" and that is the best couplet of words I've ever seen to describe this woman. She profits off of grief stricken victim's families and this is not an honorable occupation in any way.

Meanwhile on the Grief Vampire's facebook page she's defending her actions and has about 5,000 likes for her retarded defense statement. Really? Five thousand people can still like her after this? This is getting ridiculous.

I can't seem to access her page right now, either I've been banhammered from it or she deleted her page. Hopefully it is the latter.

Seriously folks, there is NO SUCH THING as psychics. Get real...and stop giving your money to Grief Vampires. If you have extra money to throw around maybe you should give it to the victim's fund for the those 3 young women.

The link to the fund is up top but here it is again: http://www.clevelandfoundation.org/about/cleveland-courage-fund/

Those girls (Berry, DeJesus, Knight) deserve it, they really do.

As for Sylvia Browne? JUST SAY NO....to Grief Vampires.

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