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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jukwa Update: After the Death of Chindori-Chininga....has Zanu Silenced the Baba Jukwa?

I wrote a short article on an account on Facebook attributed to one "Baba Jukwa" a few months ago...

(Here: http://writtting-d.blogspot.ca/2013/05/the-global-mystery-who-is-baba-jukwaand.html)

With the July 31st Zimbabwean elections less than a month away now, I think I should keep covering the phenomenon.

The story has blown up considerably and drawn attention of late, and it is of course a very serious matter, so I don't want to be all like "I'm the first person outside of Zimbabwe to write about this! I broke this story first!" because that would be pretty shitty of me...

I am grateful though that when Wiki-Leaks picked up on the Baba Jukwa account that my article was included on the forums and a link was given to this blog (which has generated some traffic for me). It feels good to get a shout out sometimes. I put some effort into these little articles and it's nice to know some people actually read them sometimes.

http://www.wikileaks-forum.com/index.php?topic=19545.0 (thanks for the citation and the traffic Mr. Wiki-Leaks!)

Edward Chindori-Chininga

As stated in the first article. running this sort of shtick in Zimbabwe isn't particularly safe and on June 23rd the first casuality in the Jukwa hunt has occurred.


Edward was already known as being critical of the mining procedures and how diamond profits were being used in Zimbabwe while he was the minister of mines.

On Wednesday, June 19th Chindori-Chininga was involved in a "fatal car accident." The official reports claim he hit a tree with his vehicle and died on impact.

Yet, on the Baba Jukwa Facebook account on June 10th..nine days prior to the accident...

The official reports from the state controlled media of Zimbabwe say Chindori Chininga died in a car accident...yet with this information exposed nine days prior to his death, is it not 100% clear that he was murdered?

It also sheds an interesting light on other so called "accidents" in Zimbabwe over the years. For instance, the wife of the opposition party leader Susan Tsvangirai, also died in 2009 in a very similar situation.


Judging from this recent event, it seems very plausible that Susan Tsvangirai's "accident" was also a pre-meditated murder likely orchestrated by Zanu PF.

Legitimizes the Statements of the Baba Jukwa Account

This recent event also proves that the statements in the Juwka account are not red herrings or political kayfabe. This really is a movement to expose the inner-workings of Zanu PF.

On June 10th, Baba Jukwa predicted the state would try to remove Edward Chindori-Chininga from office...and then nine days later he is dead. The state can claim all it wants in its controlled media that this was an "accident" but the proof is really there in plain sight for everyone to see.

The next question is...was Chininga the one and only Baba Jukwa and will his death silence the Jukwa information feed?

Well, here's a statement from the Baba Jukwa account released on June 23rd (4 days after the death of Chindori-Chininga):

Looks like either Chininga was not in fact Baba Jukwa, or more likely (and as stated in the above release) there may in fact be many Baba Jukwas and killing one won't do much good to stop the "Jukwa Train" as it is being referred to as in Zimbabwe.


After the first death in Zanu PF's hunt for Baba Jukwa....it doesn't seem like the movement is losing support.

When I wrote the first article back in May he had 60K "likes" and 17K "talking about this"...right now the Baba Jukwa account is...

Here in the west we don't see 200K as being a social phenomenon, if someone's stupid fucking cat video doesn't get 10 million hits and become a "meme" then it's considered a failure. Yet, like I stated in the first article only 15% of Zimbabweans have internet and this 200K is a relatively huge quantity in that regard.

I don't want to come across as a holier-than-thou type of political dude when I write articles like this, or one of those weird Kony 2012 scam artists or whatnot...I am just interested in this phenomenon, I find it very fascinating, and am kind of surprised it isn't getting more press than it is.

Maybe I'm like maturing as a person or something. I find it more difficult to care about internet phenomenons about puking cats, or monkeys in fur coats, or some dumb fucking stupid shit. There's things going down on the internet these days that are more interesting and important than people hitting themselves in the balls or falling off a ladder or whatever.

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