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Friday, July 10, 2015

More Friggin' Water Numbers

I wroted an in-depther look at droughts n' water n' shit the other month....

Link to dat one: (http://writtting-d.blogspot.ca/2015/04/water-numbers.html)

This article today is going to be very short, it's just some more water quantity numbers to put things into perspective. In Canada right now in the West, B.C. to be exact, they are having drought troubles and the public is now "water shaming" each other and having anti bottled water protests and this and that...

Just to state for the record first off...I don't drink bottled water often, I don't purchase it, I feel the tap water in my area is decent and have no qualms about drinking it. I don't spend money on bottled water...I'm not sure I ever actually even have. I buy like Gatorade and Sugar-Waters though which is pretty much the same, I guess.

Anyways, just because I don't dig bottled water doesn't mean I hate it or am scared of it. There's areas in the world where water is not potable and drinkable to a great deal of people and when aid crews go to these regions they take water with them. I don't like bottled water but it does have its uses.

The point of this article will mainly be to persuade "water shamers" to stop bothering people they see washing dishes or using a hose...and also to show what percentage of water Bottled Water actually uses in BC.

This following graph is the QUANTITY OF FRESH WATER USAGE IN BC:

Note the term on the far right of the table, "Non-Consumptive", this means that the water is NOT CONSUMED and thus is returned as fresh water after the process of "use" is complete...therefore...all entries with a 100% non-consumptive value will be omitted for they don't actually use water they just borrow it for a bit and then put it back just like they got it.

So, the following users will be omitted because they don't use water technically: Power (hydro), Storage, Conservation, Fish Hatcheries.

Now the users who consume water are the following: Industry/Commerce/Mining/Petro, Waterworks for municipalities (waste-treatment/caca-stuff), Agriculture, Domestic (people washing dishes and shit).

TOTAL USAGE in the Province: ~6 million cubic decameters

Now let's prove the first point about water shaming first...

Water Shamin'? Go Fuck Yerself you Dumb Shamer, You.

Domestic Use in TOTAL accounts for 33,000 of the total 6 million. What percentage is that? It is 0.0055% of the total used.

Yes, 0.0055% of the total water consumed in BC.

Everyone doing their dishes, runnin' hoses, kool-aid jugs, etc. etc etc. does not even make up A HALF A PERCENT OF THE WATER THE PROVINCE USES! It doesn't even get to a half of a percent let alone 1%. Does that put it in perspective for you water shamers?

To be curt, if you shame someone over using their hose or making kool aid or something in their private time...that person you "shamed" over using some water should be allowed to kick you as hard as they can in the genitals.

Bottled Water: It's Stupid but is it really The Devil?

Alright....everyone is up in arms that retarded bottled water companies use 230 million liters of water per annum from the Fraser Valley. Where does that fit on the table....it fits in the Commercial field.

We must convert liters to cubic decameters to get the actual percentage....1 cubic decameter is 1 million liters.

230 million liters = 230 cubic decametres.

So out of the 6 million cubic decks consumed every year in BC....bottle water makes up...wait for it.....


Wow, what a BIG HUGE FUCKING DEAL....Let's all freak out over 0.000038% of total water usage.

Learn Math

You people taking pictures of your neighbors using their hose to spray dog poop off their drive way and uploading them to the internet like some sort of water-shaming militia in order to make your neighbor feel ashamed over using his/her hose....you people need to learn math.

You people calling Bottled Water the devil, I agree it's silly in most cases....but you people need to learn math, honestly.

If you know math you'd know that 0.0055% and 0.000038% are so miniscule that there really is no reason for you people to freak out.


Is there a water problem in the West Coast of North America and in some parts of the central areas? YES, there is. It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Yet, unfortunately, the solutions proposed by many people to blame domestic and bottled water ARE NOT SOLUTIONS AT ALL and people pretending that water-shaming people over domestic use or protesting bottled water plants are the solutions....are so off base from reality that it's actually humorous.

EDIT: I know the USA government refers to the term "domestic use" as,

"Domestic water use is water used for indoor and outdoor household purposes— all the things you do at home: drinking, preparing food, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, brushing your teeth, watering the yard and garden, and even washing the dog."

I'm not 100% sure if Canada environment and statistic agencies refers to "domestic" in the same fashion. I can't find the definition for that term in any Canadian agencies information. I'm assuming it is using "domestic" with the same definition as the American agencies do....but I'm not like 100% sure on that.

It may be that residential usage has been recorded in "water works" as opposed to "domestic" if so then the % will indeed be higher yet if residential water use was lumped into "water works" then the exact amount of domestic use is not discernible.

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