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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Stretch Run: The Cos Media Circus Storyline is Drawing to a Close.

Opinion Piece. Nothing more. Nothing Less. All statements made are mere human opinions of a mere humanistic nature.

If you're from another country or something...the current media circus revolving around one Bill Cosby is coming to its fever pitch now.

First off, it should be noted that this feud is not Cosby vs. 200 Women.....it is Cosby vs. Allred. It is a media feud between two high profile media entities.

Cosby has 400 million bucks and Gloria Allred wants a cut. Every celebrity under the sun has come under attack from her at some point of their lives and everyone is afraid to say anything negative about her.

Cosby's team went on the counter offensive earlier this week by counter suing seven select members of the 200 accusers in the Allred camp. This move seemed to be the death blow in the War ensuring Victory for the Cos.....but wait...

....two weeks before the statute of limitations exceeded in the Pennsylvania jurisdiction on one of the allegations in question....a COUNTER-DEATH-BLOW trap was activated once again turning the tables in this media fiasco for the umpteenth time!

Turns out the Cosby case was the focal point of the race for DA in Pennsylvania between two lawyers with the one promising to try Cosby being elected the winner and now that lawyer has to keep the promise that won them the election to become District Attorney and try Cosby.


That about sums up where this is right now.

Comparison and Contrast

I was reading a pretty decent article in the New York post the other day by Andrea Peyser (here). She makes the claim that Cosby is losing the Trial by Media due to his old-ways pull-up-yer-pants beliefs which are not popular in this current society. She makes the comparison between Cosby and Roman Polanksi and openly wonders why Cos has more heat and less defenders than Roman had.

Polanksi had 138 hollywood types sign a petition in his defense after he fled the country....complete with Han Solo accepting his award for the Pianist at the 2002 Oscars. How come a guy who raped a 13 year old girl gets that defense but there is absolutely NO ONE left defending Cosby outside of like C-List celebrity Faizon Love?

I wrote two previous opinion pieces on Cosby...

1. Nov 2014: In Semi Defense of the Cos

2. Jan 2015: Is that Gloria Allred a Humongous Jabroni?

I made a comparison of Cosby to other celebs accused of sexual mis-conduct....Robin Williams and Woodie Allen....and I didn't suggest the difference was necessarily race for the reason Cosby's flack has been 1 million fold more intense than Woodie's and Robin's flack....I suggested it was more of an "old versus young" sort of reason as why Cos is getting this much flack...and it seems Peyser of the Post agrees.

Charlie Sheen is a good current example too. He is accused of giving womens The Aids but his flack has been pretty chill....in fact it's been very chill. He's stated he wants to cure Aids and is even being seen as a Hero by media. Funny I guess....it seems that's flack worthy, no? The Aids?

I don't even know much about Polanksi mentioned in Peyer's article. I heard of him and knew he did some sex-u-al misconduct but I've never seen any of his movies before. He seems like another pretty good example to invoke here in this comparison section.

Okay, so...I'm gonna sum up the cases against three fellows (referred to as A, B, and C) and you put in order from Most Worst Person to Least Worst Person out of the three.

Fellow A) Acquitted of a charge in 2005 against him and the matter was settled. A full decade later the case is re-opened. It details a woman who at the time was aged 33... who states she was in a relationship with a man she considered her "mentor" yet this relationship was not sexual in nature. She claims the fellow put his hands down her pants and now wants him to go to prison. Judging from the Toronto condo she purchased which is estimated at being over a million dollars some speculate that the original 2005 settlement was quite lucrative as such

All this fellow's accolades and honors have been revoked and will never work again in Hollywood.

Fellow B) A woman claims this fellow raped her when she was a 13 year old girl. She was a model who the fellow was taking photos of. The man was arrested yet fled to France before his hearing where he has remained since. He is on InterPol's list of fugitives and if he ever sets foot in USA again will stand trial.

This fellow still managed to WIN A FUCKING OSCAR in 2002 WHILST A FUGITIVE LIVING IN EXILE! None of his accolades have been revoked and in fact has GAINED accolades and awards since the incident!

Fellow C) This man is accused by his step-daughter of raping her when she was 7 years old. He had a past relationship with the child that was odd to many who observed them together. It came to the point where to see the child he had to remain under supervision ordained by the courts and had to follow a psychiatric examination. The couple later adopted a young girl and when this second child turned 17 years old he left his wife and MARRIED HIS DAUGHTER!

This fellow has had no accolades or awards revoked and still makes movies and tv shows in hollywood.

So you put A, B, and C in order of Most Worst to Least Worst....for me it would go....and this is just an opinion...but it would go:

Worst: Fellow C
Next Worstest: Fellow B
Least Worst: Fellow A

You probably know who's who but in case you don't:

Fellow A is Bill Cosby.
Fellow B is Roman Polanski.
Fellow C is Woodie Allen.

Yeah, sorry....I know he's the biggest star blah blah blah...but I consider Woodie Allen the worst out of those three fellows.

Woodie Allen

This name has always acted as a sort of litmus test for me...if someone says they like Woodie Allen then I know what kind of person they are. They are a selfish, autistic, narcissistic, neurotic person who's never worked a single day in their entire lives.

I really don't like this guy. His movies are unwatchable and he's creepy looking. His movies are all the same....a weird, neurotic, panicky little middle aged sheissball is nervous and scared of everything around him .... but always tends to win in the end as he gets to feel up some sixteen year old girl ... who for some reason is MADLY in love with his disgusting wrinkly ass and fidgety hands.

It's over the top. It is. It's like a fucking Tommy Wiseau movie these Woodie Allen movies. I really think it's a toss up between Tommy Wiseau and Shitball Allen over who is the worst film maker of ALL TIME.

Fidgety Hands
I've never watched one of his movies til the end...I can't make it. Maybe it's not that they're bad, maybe it's just me, it's just that I can't relate to these movies. I've grown up in a working class environment where you can tell a person who's never done hard work before by looking at them...you really can. Doing shitty and hard jobs you can tell a person who's never done that stuff before right off the bat....and that's all I see while watching a Woodie Allen movie...it's his fucking hands. Those fucking fidgety gross hands that I know have never been used to do anything difficult before. They steal the show those fucking hands. Fidgeting.... being gross ....fidgeting some more. Damn it man... if your movies are just gonna be some shitstain's hands fidgeting for two hours then at least have the common decency to not mislead the audience and name these fucking movies....Fidgety Hands, Fidgety Hands II, Fidgety Hands III: The Fidgeting... and etc etc .... don't fool people by naming them like Annie Hall or some shit. It's deceptive. If your movie is gonna be some nutcase fidgeting then let people know that before hand!

I would feel much better over the media circus against Cosby if the same intensity was applied to Woodie Alllen as well .... and it really isn't even close to the same intensity level.... not even close.

I think the intensity level of the Cosby Heat should be lowered or the intensity level of the Woodie Allen Heat should be higher....there's no way that Cosby should be getting more heat than Woodie Allen. It makes no sense.


I might be one of the last ones left... just like me and like Faizon Love ... but I am STILL in Cosby's Corner. Sorry but I am.

As for everyone else?

Gloria Allred? You might win....you might make like 100 million bucks out of this for yourself, Maroko, and Goldberg ...you might get the Cos incarcerated into a federal prison... but you know what? You will still be known in the hearts and minds of all Americans as being .... A Humongous Jabroni ... and that will be your legacy as a person who lived on planet earth. The Legacy of a Jabroni forever and ever. I wish Henny Youngman was still alive to ask you ... who the hell you think you even are!?

Henny on Allred. Amen, Henny....you were the Legend. I love you.

Hannibal Burress? I watched that salacious Justin Bieber roast with that salacious Justin Bieber ... and you did a joke on that show and then the camera panned to the laughter of the audience ... and do you know who the camera panned to catch laughing at that joke? The camera panned to Gloria Allred. 

I believe you are in CAHOOTS with HER. Now that you got some money in your wallet it seems you wanna keep your friends close but your enemies closer and you know being on that Salamander Snake's side might help you escape her wrath when it comes your turn to be dragged through the proverbial mud. You're a smart man, Hannibal, just like that elephant jabroni you were named after (or maybe that guy from the A-Team you were named after).

Dave Letterman? I watched you interview Cosby many times and you constantly referred to that man as your "friend" but now you want nothing to do with the man. I thought the word "friendship" meant something more than just telling someone they are your friend on television. It seems you simply have no loyalty to your friends and thus will never be considered a Bold Fellow. 

Spelman College? If you want to sever ties with Bill Cosby then maybe you should sever ties with his money too. What's that? You want to dis-associate yourself from him but not his 20 million dollar donation he made to you? That's convenient isn't it? If you had any honor you'd give every dollar of it back.

Woodie Allen? Your movies are a poor man's version of Tommy Wiseau movies. You should retract all of them from the public sphere so people never have to watch them ever again. You suck.

Roman Polanski? What's wrong withchu man? You're giving the respectful and wonderful Polish people a bad name when you act like that bro. Come on bro.

I know you still got a trick up your sleeve Cos! I know it!
Bill Cosby? I know everyone hates you now....but I'm still in your corner. I am. I know they re-turned the tables back on you but don't give up. This feud 'aint over yet! Cosby vs. Allred is NOT OVER YET so don't give up! If you got a card up your sleeve it's time to play it! It's down to the wire! It's the stretch run! It's 4th down at the goal line! Play your ace! Re-Turn the Tables again, Cos! I still believe in YOU!

I refuse to believe that this is how the Honorable Cos goes down for the 3 count.... like this? No way! I refuse to believe it! It's not over yet...I know he's got a trick up his sleeve that has yet to be played. I know he's not done yet! He's not done yet!

This is no longer a regular match. They don't just want his money now they wanna stick him a metal jail. This feud is a CAGE MATCH. It has literally become a CAGE MATCH. They poured concrete all over the ring to make it even more dangerous like at those god damn Chojin Olympics. This shit is getting out of hand!

I know it's an unpopular stance to take these days but I'm rooting for him. I truly am.

I truly am. Hey if Roman fuckin' Polanski can get 138 defenders he deserves at least 1500. The Cos isn't the greatest guy but he's genuinely at least 10 times better than that guy at least.

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