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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Whoa, everybody talkin' about guns. You go down to the club or the batting cages or the pub or the driving range and what is everyone talking about left and right? It's guns.

Pow pow. Guns. Pow Pow! Pew Pew!

My Experiences with Guns

Honestly, I don't give much of a crap about the darn things. They're cool and whatnot but I don't really get a kick out of these friggin' things.

Only time I ever shooted guns was at skeets a long long time ago, I shot a shotgun at skeets one time at some cottage and it was pretty cool. Skeets are those white things like in the third stage in Duck Hunt on NES.


I admit guns can be cool and fun but, I don't know, I gotta say the fucking things are super fucking dangerous, man.

My other experiences with guns have only been video game related. The cool thing about video games is you can shoot guns but the only people that get hurt don't even exist....

Like, one time in Fallout 2, I was sick of dealing with all the mobster characters in New Reno and didn't want to do all their little mob shit ... so I just started fucking shooting all of them. It seemed like a good idea at first because me and my crew were just mowing those gangsters down like bowling pins in the Casino .. and there was like a hundred of those gangster guys and more of them were coming in from the street as backup ... but me and my crew were still fucking killing every single one of them that came at us...

... but then, one of my crew, that fucking idiot Marcus pulls out a god damn Gatling Gun and starts shooting up the Casino with that fucking Gatling Gun and he blows off all the limbs of one of the other guys from my crew (Vic) and I'm like....what the fuck, man? What's your problem?

So I reload the game from my last save, to try and kill all of the damned gangsters and whatnot ALL OVER AGAIN, but this time I go into that fucking bozo Marcus's inventory and take off his Gatling Gun so he doesn't fucking go full retard with it and kill all my other friends. Great, so again for the second time, I killed like 100 sweaty greasy gangsters ... and then out of nowhere that fucking Sulik pulls out a sub machine gun (that I don't even remember giving him) and starts shooting that fully automatic murder gadget like a maniac ... and he's set in the tactics options to "Stay Close to Me" as my bodyguard ... so this fucking crazy fool is "close to me" and is shooting off a god damn sub machine gun .... and guess what? He blows my fucking head off! GAME OVER. BAM.

New Reno - Da City Dat Neva Sleeps!
Fuck, gotta do it ALL OVER AGAIN, ok, great. Fine, here Sulik take the "Little Jesus" knife I stole off the dead body from that last Casino I "accidentally" shot up ... gimme that fucking sub machine gun ... you fucking moron! You stab people ok? Don't shoot them! Ok? Good. You're not SMART ENOUGH TO USE THIS WEAPON! FUCKER! OKAY!?

Alright so now Marcus was punching people with some electronic brass-knuckles (or some shit) and knocking sweaty gangsters around the Casino like some kinda Ball Room Blitz, and my boy Sulik is stabbing the fuck out of these greasy bastids with his red-handled knife ... and finally everything is hunky dory. Thank Goodness.

Look, I know an under-levelled Me shouldn't have been trying to kill all the gangsters in New Reno with just myself, Sulik, Vic, Cassidy, and Marcus ... but, man ... I didn't want to do all those lame fetch quests for these fucking crime fags. I just do the porn one and the Mike Tyson inspired one (and reload if he bites my ear off) ... and then kill all the gangsters in that fucking hell hole. It's not that hard, the thing that made it hard was.....


Dammit. I don't even have positive experiences with guns in fucking Video Games.

On a side note, I watched a video the other day where some European guy beats Fallout 4 without killing a single creature, now that's something man. That guy can't even bring himself to take a life in a make-believe reality where danger awaits you at every second of your journey through the wasteland. Damn, now that's a display of empathy, man. Someone should make that guy the next Pope ... because his heart must be filled with something very special if he can go through all of Fallout 4 without killing even one single mutated rat thing let alone take a video game human's life. Wow.

Yes, I'll Admit Guns are Pretty Cool...

Yo, one time, I was watching this movie ... Death Wish 4, starring Legend and Icon Mr. Charles Bronson ... and yo, there's a part in that movie that just floored me and made me laugh for like 5 straight minutes.

The scene is the following scene:


Haha, he blows that dude up with that grenade launcher in what can only be described as The Most Hilarious Way Possible. That movie is boring and bad ... and then out of nowhere ... that grenade launcher scene wakes you back up from your doze and just makes you start laughing like an animal.


Another time, I was watching this movie called Hard Ticket to Hawaii and this fucking skate-punk is giving the business to the good guys ... and man ... the good guy pulls one of these on that skate-punk piece of trash... look at this:

Ooooh man he must be smokin' some Heavy-Doobies....

Oh my gosh. Wow. Nothing like a missile launcher. Might as well blow up the blow-up doll too while your at it.

I'll be the first one to admit that guns are so fucking cool. I would have never remembered those two movies, Death Wish 4 and Hard Ticket to Hawaii if it wasn't for those incredibly filmed masterpiece- esque grenade launcher and missile launcher scenes. Those are cinematic creations that will live for eternity.

On the other hand....

Yes Guns are Pretty Cool, But let's Face it ... They Are Very Very Dangerous

I was looking at the stats that do exist for fire arm related accidents. Not even like deaths from fire arms on purpose with intent but just injuries and fatalities from ACCIDENTAL fire arm discharges and they aren't really pretty.

As a person who got his head blown off more times than he can count by Sulik and Marcus in Fallout 2 ... I can attest to the fact that, Yes indeed, friendly fire from fire arms is super fucking dangerous.

From all the statistics that have been recorded it shows that stray bullets and accidental discharges of weapons are pretty common.

In the hunting category alone, all government recorded and industry recorded stats tend to harmonize at about 1,000 injuries from hunting accidents and on average 100 of those accidents result in fatalities in the USA. Yes, one hundred people a year die from being shot by some idiot who doesn't know how to use a fucking gun. A hundred fucking people die a year on some dumb campin' trip up-north to shoot some fucking birds or rabbits or some woodland shit.

It's not just in video games that some Sulik or some Marcus accidentally blows their friends heads off while trying to kill something else. At least one hundred humans are killed each year from some dope trying to shoot down some dumb bird or some fucking thing.

That's just hunting accidents too. The other big branch of accidents stats is the in-home accidental firing of arms that result in injury and death. People have guns in the home for protection and there are indeed a couple of stories each year of heroes who fended off intruders from the home ... but ... those couple of stories a year are drowned out by the negative stories of guns in homes.

Having small children and deadly weapons in the house is a recipe for disaster. Kids can't even use a fucking stove without burning their stupid selves, they can't even jump on a bed without getting a fucking injury ... kids are dumber than shit .... and people want to have deadly firearms in the home whilst having the animal known as "children" in the home as well. That's fucking stupid.

If you synthesize all the lists of Industry reports, Government Reports, and Third Party reports ... the median statistic is about 50 kids a year die from accidental discharge of fire arms in US public homes. That's just children too ... that's not counting adults killed in accidental fire arm related deaths.

It's not a huge number, but still, fifty kids is still fifty kids. If you're a parent trying to "toddler-proof" your house to minimize factors/variables that can injure your child ... maybe not having a gun in the home would be on that list.

This is just accidents with no criminal intent. The criminal intent stats, I don't find as relevant, because they do fall under "People Kill People ... Guns Don't Kill People" ... a person with intent to murder someone is not the same category as "accidental discharges."

I don't feel the accidental deaths can be argued away with "PKP ... GDKP" ... because the variables which lead to death in gun accidents are the negligence of the person mixed with the dangerousness of the gun. A moron can't kill himself or his friend or his kid with a spoon or something ... but a moron CAN kill himself, his friend, or his kid with a gun.

Best Argument for the Pro-Gun Lobby: Cars

In all the Industry-related reports on gun accidents and gun deaths ... they seem to always play the numbers off against motor vehicle accidents to downplay the severity of gun deaths.

This is actually a good argument, because YES ... hundreds or thousands of accidental deaths from Guns don't look that crazy when you compare it to accidental deaths from motor vehicles.

Globally, adding up all the countries who record traffic related fatalities ... do you know how many people die from motor vehicle related accidents per year?

The WHO estimates ... 1.2 Million human beings die every year around the world from motor vehicles. That's more than some historic wars and that's every year!

The Gun Lobby is smart comparing gun accidents to motor vehicle accidents because the motor vehicle accidents do in fact DWARF gun related accidents.

Is it okay to say...

"Because more people die from cars and trucks ... we should not try to minimize gun related deaths?"

Personally, I don't think that's a smart statement. Why? Because we ARE trying to limit motor vehicle related accidents and just because a lot of people die from vehicles doesn't mean guns are safe.

Also, trucks ship goods and necessities and truck shipping is a NEEDED thing in life ... guns don't ship goods and necessities around the high ways. The only function guns have is shooting deers and thugs and shit. I don't think guns fall in the "necessary" category in today's world. Trucks? Yes, trucks do.

I respect guys like Elon Musk and those guys who champion the "self driving" vehicles because that invention has the potential to save many lives. Over a MILLION people die every year from human mistakes on the roads! The bottom line is ... Humans are TOO STUPID to be trusted with metal cubes which can be propelled up to 200 miles per hour! They are too stupid to be trusted with that!

A hundred years from now when driving vehicles on the highway system has been modified to the point where most of the driving is done by systematic and safe machinery ... we'll look back and be in SHOCK that over a million people a year died from stupid fucking cars! I can't wait for self-driving cars to push out human-driven cars ... because Humans are Retarded!

Just like you can't entrust a Gatling Gun to a guy like Marcus ...


As for guns? If Humans are too fucking stupid to be trusted with cars ... then why the fuck would we trust any Tom, Dick, or Harry to own a fucking GUN!?

At least with Cars you need some form of training before getting a driver's license ... but with guns ... any bozo can own one without any form of training. A guy can buy a fucking AK-47 100% legally and does not even require a mental health check or formal training to be allowed to own something that can kill about 100 people in less than thirty seconds.

The bottom line is, yes cars are way more dangerous than guns ... but at least smart people are trying to fix that. A hundred years from now people will laugh at us that we let moronic humans get behind the wheels of vehicles that travel over 100 miles per hour and are constantly close to colliding with one another.


I like the Barrack Obama, he make me cry when he cry. I respect the man's Manly Tears ... and I do not believe they are crocodile tears ... I think they were real tears. I don't think he was pulling those old lady church tears out ... I think they were genuine Man Tears.

As a rational guy, I do see the great argument by the gun lobby that gun accidents are NO WHERE NEAR motor vehicle accidents and therefore it can 100% be properly argued that cars are infinitely more dangerous than guns ... but ... I don't want to "join their team" so to speak.

The Pro-Gun people do weird shit... Like, they get equipped with AK-47s and go "occupy" a StarBucks. I mean, that shit doesn't make them look very sane and I would never want to be associated with whack-jobs like that.

So, if I had to either join the "gun reform" or "pro gun" team I think I'd join the "gun reform" team. The Pro Gun people need saner folks arguing their claims ... I think they have some good data ... especially the car shit to work with but these people fighting for their rights to own assault weapons and walking into coffee shops with loaded fucking assault weapons designed for front line Heavy Infantry use ... it makes them look like fucking crazy folks. Downright crazy folks. It does.

A lot of humans, as we can see from the 1.2 million global traffic deaths per year ... are too dumb to drive vehicles. Many of those same bozos are simply too dumb to own a machine designed for killing ... a gun.

As for gun deaths caused by law enforcement. I think a lot of less-urban places are behind in the times when it comes to Non Lethal Means. Tasers and other Non Lethal Means of incapacitating potential violent targets do indeed save lives and minimize wrongful termination of life.

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