Hi, my name is D and this is my writings on subjects. I'm no rapscallion or anything at all. If you want to you can read my writings on subjects if you have free time. If you want to argue with me or call me names then please comment. Negative feedback is very welcome...I love dat shit. Me? I'm not even a noun, I'm a fucking verb, dude.


I'm gonna make an Index page in the case anyone wants to read old crap I wrote about. After putting on the google analytics, I was surprised to see that people spend time on this site from all across the world. Maybe it's just spam bots though, I don't know.

After back-looking on what I wrote, it looks like my posts seem to fit into some basic categories, they are in no particular order (the ones with the most views/hits are on the right hand side of the screen).

(Click on the links not the pictures though, I didn't put links on the photos.)

"Three Good Sarcastic Essays from Different Eras"
Three good essays, spanning eras with 300 years in between them.

"On the Duality of Individuality and Harmony...as explored by the Prisoner"
A look at "Fallout" and why it is interesting.


"On Human Oddities (as such)"
On human uniqueness and related matters of that nature.

"On Mackandal and Anon"
Short artticle on the similarites between Haitian hero Mackandal and the modern day group Anon.

Article on the Google Adsense and why it's a bit dumb.

"Analysis of Joeseph Ramone's piece, "

Analysis on a Ramone's song. It's the second one I ever wrote.


"On Keplar on Religion"
First entry I ever made, it's really short and only contains one "opinion" as such.

"Obsessed with Artificial Crap"
On the human obsession with buying garbage and loving crap.

"A Treatise on how to Balance Yourself..."
How to balance the right way when you're not sleeping and look cool whilst you do it.

"Before the Legend of Rasputin...there was the Legend of Mackandal"
Rasputin was known as "hard to kill" but here's another less-known "hard to kill" myth.

"Is Facebook Fucked Up?"
The sinister underbelly of the facebook...

"Stayin' Up All Night? Oh, That's Alright..."
It is my opinion that stayin' up all night is a-o-k and even alright.

Fund for 3 Victims in Cleveland kidnapping
Sylvia Browne is a horrible person...

Uh Oh...Oil is on the Rise.
Up up up and away! Excelsior!!


Does a Correlation Exist between Inbreeding and Xenophobia?
The question which is on everyone's mind.

Satire Wars: Refutation of Statements of One Chris Hedges in Defense of One Jon Stewart

The Satire wars heat up, is anyone safe?

Rating the Pants(s)
Are some pants more better than other pants? Could be.

Over Descriptivism: Will it Lead to the Death of Fiction?
A look into the whacky world of writing fiction.

New Horror Genre Sweepin' the World: Reality Horror Movies

Everything on this earth can and will kill you.

This Week in Satire
A look at two vastly different attempts at satire circa end of october, 2014.

(A Retraction article was made for this piece as well: Here)

In Semi-Defense of The Cos
Cosby may be uptight but no allegations against have been verified.

Can a Human Person be Too Pumped?
Questions posed aloud about bein' Pumped....

With the Dawning of the Digital Age...
Is there a Future for Apostrophes, Accents, Cedillas, and Umlauts?

Writing bout' War
What's it good for? Something?

My opinion of Guns.

Race in Hollywood... and in Asia?
Hollywood, Oscars and a healthy dose of Man-Tat Ng.

Retraction of Statements Made about James Douglas Muir Leno
Well, it turns out Jay Leno isn't a moron after all.

In a world of Hyper Specilization......

Defining... "The Jazz"
It's time. It's finally time that someone defined "The Jazz."


"On some Super Cool BOINC Stats and the Optimization of BOINC"
An article on BOINC's current power level and how to possibly increase it.


"Dear Carl Sagan who art in Somewheres,"
A counter retort to claims made in Demon Haunted World, where Carl talks shit about Beavis and Butthead.

"Free Education...(get it while it's hot and while it's still on the internet)"
Free, hot, wet, wild, and willing education available on the internets.

"Thinking about my Brain"
I did some thinking about my skull n' brain while I was at work and came home and wrote about it. (A small retraction of one statement in this article).

"Dogs: Are they in Revo, Evo, or Devo?"
A closer look into the lives of dogs/wolves.

"A Critique of Three Canadian Neuro-Scientists..." 
A look at how a perceived legend...may indeed be a big-time jabroni.

A bit of cool-guy Kookery in this one, but it's more science I guess than flat-out Kookery.


Plastic, Plastic, Plastic...

I like plastic, but with one notable exception. There is one thing I don't like about plastic.

"The Past, Present, and Future...of Corn."

 An essay on my favorite vegetable.

Why the Scientific Community is Concerned about Climate Change...
...and why you should not hate on them.

A Couple of Alternate Hypotheses to "The Land Bridge" Theory
Mostly dealing with the subject of Moais.

Ratin' the Energies, Yeah!
Oh come on in, take a load off...Me? I was just ratin' some energies.

Farming. What's it all About?
A some-what in depth look into agriculture. 

Water Numbers
California drought. What's Jerry Brown's problem?

(and slightly more on the matter: More Firggin' Water Numbers)

 This one is about Bees.

Re-Defining the Concept of "God"
Could be in the religion section too this one.

Toxic Perspective
A brief look into the lethal dosage (50%) of thangs.

Drugs, drugs, drugs. Which are good? Which are bad?

On Vaccines, this one.

Hans Rosling

A Man of the Science passed away...



"In Defense of Human Kookery"
I'd call myself a hardcore skeptic, but I still respect crazy folks. They keep it really real.

 "(Nuff Sed...)"
My man N.D. Sickels talks about Everything and Nothing (sometimes both). Greatest writer of all time.

"One of the Weirdest Dreams I've Ever Had..."
A monument to one human's opinions based on secret divine scriptures entrusted to me in a dream-like state. This really happened.

"You only have 3 Days Left..."
 .......to burn your body until your blood coagulates and becomes gold bio-plasmic liquid light.

Rating Some Kook Shows I saw on Teevee 
More kook business.

Kookery Gone too Far: When the Insanity isn't Funny Anymore
Has the organic food movement gone too crazy or what?

History Channel
The King of the Dumb-Cumentaries


"After 34 Years the Heart Attack Fires still Burn Strong"
Can the team's former strategist, re-unite the dying spirit of Montreal Baseball and revive the Expos? (and a second more recent article on the situation: "Prognostications/Speculations") (and another update 2013: here)

 "Jackie Robinson"

An article about the impact of Jackie Robinson.

"Ellis Valentine"
Article on Ellis Valentine (a little exaggeration though)

"How Good was Timmy Raines though?"
Short piece on how good Raines was (a little exaggeration though)

"On Alou and Robinson"
On why Expos fans liked Felipe Alou but didn't really like Frank Robinson that much.

"The Baseball Hall of Fame is Incomplete without Tim Raines in It"
Stats are abounds for Tim Raines. (I wrote a second one in 2012 too, Here)

Here's the 2015 entry on Rock for Hall: HERE

"Too Depressing and Serious Lately"
I was thinking about too much heavy shit, so I took some time out to let the world know how much I like Mookie Wilson's name and what a good person he is!

"Comparison and Contrast of Two Baseball Owners"
Bill Veeck could wreck and put you in check. He was my kind of person.

"Why Hasn't John Wetteland ever Wrote a Book?"
An open question as to why reliever John Karl Wetteland has never dropped a few books...

"An Open Letter to Montreal Canadiens Fans"
I didn't know that Funk was Loaded......

Unfathomable Anabolic Cheating in the 100th Degree
Do steroid really effect hitting performance in baseball?

Why the Americans don't Win the World Baseball Classic
The answer mainly has to do with Terry Crowley for some reason.

(and, 2017: Another WBC article after the Americans won one!)

On Larry Walker (of the Montreal Expos)
Article on Walker and his possible attendance at the '94 reunion.

(and aan article on his HOF bid as well: Here)

Do You Mother Fuckers Know....
That it [was] 2 months until Oil Can's Day?

What's Up with those Montreal Expos Baseball Fans?
Seems like they want that baseball back or something.

(Short Vlad Update: Here)

The Greatest of People who are not Presently in the Baseball Hall of Fame
A look at more hall worthy dudes other than Tim Raines for a change.

Is Freshness the Reason Behind the Hate On for P.K. Subban? Investigative report into the hate-on for that triple low-fivin' P.K.

Montreal Baseball Project: The Legend Continues...
The Return of the Expos marches forward.

(update 2015: HERE) (2017 update: HERE)

Let's Take a Short Break...Let's get 75% Pumped for the NHL Play Offs, Y'all.
Get whacky and crazy for the playoffs you stinky mammer jammers!

Greatest Leadoff Hitters Ever
I wrote this while watching the World Series and went on long. It's long.

Punchin' Up some Scripts
I'm trying to learn myself how to be good at writin' movies!

The Race to Become the First-Ever Female Human to Play Major League Baseball
....the heat shall be ON.

 Soup Versus Pro
You throw Out like a Mike Trout or In like Doug Flynn?

and a Short: Re-Visit on Pronation

Rock for Hall of Fame (again, going on like 4 years now)
I guess I ran out of things to say after 4+ articles so in this one I just rated all of the Rocks.

Can they Dictate what Transpires?

Rock The Hall
The Final Rock Hall of Fame Essay.

More Montreal Expos Pre Season Games


"The Oprah Empire is in Decline...."
Covering the Zach Anner debacle.

"Rock and Roll Concerts I Saw One Time..."
Memories of concerts I've been to.

"Best Iron Sheik Videos on Youtube"
Fluffy piece about that cool guy Iron Sheik.

"Turning the Horribly Mundane into something Bad as Can..."
How to drain the sap out of boring activities by being awesome and good.

"True, brother, True..."
Mojo Nixon knows about the important things, and what he sings about is always true.

"The Science Behind why Bad Movies are Good"
Science explains why bad movies don't suck.

"Beavis and Butthead are Back" 
On the long anticipated return of Beavis and Butthead to television.


"The Secret of Re-Invention as exampled by Heino"
Does Heino have a secret gene that allows him to Heino-Volve at will?
(and an update to that article! More on Heino, and another one: Even More!)

"Prom-O-Shun for Web-A-Sodes"
Me and my great friends (Christian Kurtis Kole, Markküs Allon Nielson Füller, and Stavros Meixandixis Pastachronopopolous Kondonis) made a zombie Tee Vee show.

"Dear Internet,"
The internet is my favorite person in the whole wide world, and I write letters to him/her sometimes.

"Odd Topics People have Chosen to Rap About"
An expose-zay on the sometimes odd field of rappin'.

Stephen Chow is a Good Movie Maker, Wow.
Article on Stephen Chow's Journey to the West adaptation.

Internet Comedy Awards
Category: Lifetime Achievement in the Face of Internet Comedy (the accepting of and meeting of challenges in Internet Comedy and thriving in the face of it despite all the nay-sayers)

Edge-Pushing Cartoons: Cartoons with No Bounds or Bars
Geometric Classifications  of omni-popular cartoons.

The Greatest Debate Still Rages On...
Which Ernest film is the greatest? Find out.

Note: There's a Glaring Retraction in response to inaccuracies in this piece.

Great Moments in Literature 1
The Evolution of "Bob Backlund"

General Retrospective:
Who Will be Remembered as The King of Trash TV?

Poet Laureate and Wrestler, Ultimate Warrior, Is no More....  
Rest in peace Ulty.

One Less Comedian's Comedian on Earth...
A look into what it means to a CC and an RIP to Rik Mayall.

Fuck Star Wars, man.
Developments in the new Star Wars film has everyone in a stew.

The Best of the Best: A General Exposé on Chinese Gamblin' Movies
One of the better movie genres you may or may not have ever even heard of.

Great Moments in Literature 2
A look into the growth of "Stan Gable"

Great Moment in Literature 3
the Development of Ma Junior / Demon Jr. / Piccolo

The Funniest Women Comedians Evar
A look into the most funniest females the world ever saw.

The Deceased Celebrities that I Miss the Most
It's about death and shit but when I read it to find spelling mistakes I got really pumped.

Stupidest Fake Wrestling / Talk Show Crossovers
When Talk Show Hosts enter that whacky werld of wrasslin'

Oh Gosh, I really like those Redneck Monkey Movies
Mostly relating to apes amongst other things.

 Re-Visting QPE
Looking re-into movie algorithms.

The Dairrhea Tree
A nice movie I'm currently writing.

2015 Just for Laughs Fest: Review of the Nasty Show
I got to see Gilbert n' Artie and a whole slew of others comics!!!

In-Depth Opinion Piece: Joke Theft
A look into the oft talked about vicious crime known as "joke theft."

Great Moments in Literature 4
A female character of Literature this time.


An all you can eat ERNEST buffet!

Rest in Peace, Screen Icon, Mr. Bud Spencer
A film great passes away.

Best One-Shot Character Spin-Offs of all Time

Were there any good SNL-oriented films?

Baksetball Movies
These are good ones....

My Favorite Twitter Feeds
Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals for Twittering.

Trapped in Icers
A writing template experience/experiment. I try to write about being trapped in some ice.

A Confederacy Of Dunces: The Book: The Movie
Is it an accursed tome of ghastly proportions?

Adam West ... The One and Only Batman
Rest in Peace ... Batman.

Video Games:

"Six Particularly Obscure Video Games that are Odd and Cool"
Six diamond-in-dirt video games that don't suck.

"Video Games that were Supposed to Exist but Didn't"
Did Dolemite, Timothy Leary, Devo, and Ivan Stang ever team up to save the world?

"Good and (more importantly) FREE Video Games on the Old Internet"
I-Mock's Abobo's Big Adventure and other free games you could/should put a play on.

The Super Mammal Side-Scroller of the Ages! 
So many SMSS games but which one has the distinction of being "of the ages?"

Is There a Market for Competitive Retro Gamin' ?
Can playing old video games be a prosperous spectator sport? Could be.

The Nintendo World Championships of 2015
The People's Champion has been Declared for the World to See.

Most Asinine and Convoluted Video Game Story of All Time?
Is thy name....Metal Gear?

Best Tag Team Finishers
Here we will rate the combination attacks of yester year.


"Rating (some of) the Religions of the World"
Ranking some Religions on a scale of 1 to 10.

"Why I don't really Like Organized Religion"
Listing some reason why I think following organized religion is bad for you.

How to Confront a Religious Friend 'bout their Weird Behavior
A step-by-step guide

The Cubs
Have they Defeated Suffering? Can All of Humanity now Live Free and at Ease?


"Canadian Election Super Power Rankings: Mark II"
2011 Canadian Election candidates human-value rankings.


"Political Bunk 101"
On the narrow-minded silliness of the oxymoronical "politcal sciences."

"My Mind on Economy and Economy and my Mind"
Is the "Economy" really just a brontosaurus swimming in an African lake?


"Attack of the Heavenly 9-Tongued Nezha !!"
Why worrying about language is not an efficient use of your time.

"on Deception and counter-Deception. also on Devising and/or Deciphering Informations"
A mish-mashed potpourri on information(s) and dissemination(s).

"Opinions on the Occupy Movement"
Three opinions on "Occupy" (for the price of one).

"Canadian Nationalism...the Stupidest of the Nationalisms."
SpaceShip Earth is divided into about 200 nation-cages, Canaduh being one of the dumber caged-off terrritories. (warning has some images of murder).

"Pros and Cons of Canada's Crude Oil Sands"
Canada is using millions of gallons of water and shooting off pollution to get some sand turds out the ground to ship to China.

"On Civil Disobedience"
An article on Civil Disobedience.


"The Impending Doom of The Internet..."
Please stop fucking with the freakin' internet, ok?

"How to Turn the Montreal Student Strike Lemons into Lemonade" 
I liked this one. I usually don't like them. I thought I had some good points. Wesley Berry was so good at American Gladiators, damn.

"Are People Readin' This?"
A short one on energy, and on a Buck Fuller memo to Trudeau.

"Canadian Bill C-45 Breakdown Summary"
A pipe? No it's not a "work" it's a meta-physical ether in the cosmos that doesn't really even exist...therefore...it is not subject to any laws. Wow, that's genius.

I wrote two articles on Mali. Looking at what I percieve are problems and then one on possible solutions.

   1. Problems
   2. Possible Solutions

Covering the Baba Juwka phenomenon in Zimbabwe. 
   1. The Global Mystery
     2. Jukwa Update
     3. Goin' to the Slammer

The Role of "The Mayor" in Modern Society
On crackheads in office and other matters.

Re-visiting Economy
A Riveting Tale of Buzz-Words and Unkillable Myths

Comparin' the Writings of Tommy Malthus to Child Psychology

An Open Letter Acting as an Official Nomination for the Following Party to be Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Trophy
Shit be legit, yo.

Do Young Canadians have to Care about Politics?
Do Jabroni-youths have to give a care or let Old-stinkoids worry 'bout it?

Who are the Legend and who the Jabroni in terms of makin' food?

American 2016 Election Power Rankings
2016 American Tournament of Champions.

When Popularity Contests Go Awry
Oh shit.

Re-Vistin' "Fake News"
Another mish-mashed potpourri on information(s) and dissemination(s).

RIP Roy Innis
Short RIP to Roy Innis and footnotes on the concept of "Cheap Heat."

Identity Politics is the Cheapest Form of Politics
But it's become the go-to cheap-heat for the current modern age.

Healthy Living

"Healthy Life Tips: How to Breathe Right! The First Step on the Path to Healthy Livin' !" 
A serious investigative report on life's mysterious secret to health: Breathing. 

"Young Humans and the Art of Coping"
 Jerry Aldini's tried and true method of teaching youngsters how to cope (amongst others).

The Coffee Efficiency Reports are In
A look into drinking coffee for cheap.

Arts and Leisure

"The Highest of High Culture: The Appraisal of Photographs of Willie McGee" 
Deep and articulate thoughts.

Art Appreciation...The Art of Appreciatin' Art
Let's do some appreciation of some good old fashioned arts.


Hard Hitting Straight Truth:
An in depth fast food review

Crime and Punishment

Jabroni Canadian Law Under The Microscope:
Crazy people can do whatever they want? I don't think so, pal.

Is that Gloria Allred a Humongous Jabroni?
Is a pseudo-celebrity lawyer from the 80s harming Bill Cosby's reputation?

December 2015: Another one on this court case shit

On a Difficult Topic: A Look through the Eyes of All Parties Involved
No jokes/humor in this one it was on a serious and sad situation.

Too Much Media Attention for Crazies?
Should media stop giving attention to crazy fools?

Hey Psychopaths! Get a Life!
(and please don't kill me because I don't wanna die!)


I copy and pasted transcripts from a late night sports radio talk (Throwdown Radio) show I did brief segments for, they are written kind of haphazardly though (written to say out loud),

1. Radio Transcript 1 (Raines and Dawson)
2. Radio Transcript 2 (Curt Flood)
3. Radio Transcript 3 (Pascual Perez and Dennis Martinez)
4. Radio Transcript 4 (Dock Ellis)
5. Radio Transcript 5 (Andre Dawson)
6. Radio Transcript 6 (Curtis Pride)
7. Radio Transcript 7 (Bill Lee)
8. Radio Transcript 8 (Warren Cromartie, my favorite one)

Old Crap from School

This post was a copy-pasta of essays I found on my hard drive. If you're in school and you hit these you can use them, you might get a C+ or a B- or something. The last one is a story about Steve Jeltz saving Christmas for orphans though, so don't use that one.


About The "Author"

Who me? I do it for a living. Hey-ey-ey. Me? Well, at least I do it for a living. Oh me? Hey, I sleep all day...it's the least I could do, you know?

Sometimes, I drink all day. What can I teach kids? You know, how to sit, you know, how to just sit and drink...you know?

A role model? Me? Ya, people can copy and emulate me, but they just can't copulate me though. Unless they are chicks and unless they are really hot...then you can copulate me too.

If you want to steal any of the dumb shit I wrote, you can steal it...I don't even care. Shit man, if I was president I would fucking legalize stealing! Stealing is every man's right!

Stealing makes you smarter and it makes you look like Batman.


If you want to argue at/to me or call me mean names or anything you can reach my dumb ass here, here:


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I used to have my email in the contact but it was mostly the same things that were asked so here's a "frequently asked queries" section to answer questions that have already been asked for me to answer.

Are you Retarded?
I dunno, probably. It's up in the air.

Are you a Faggot?
No, you?

Why do you write these articles? Do you have a life?
I dunno and yeah sorta.

What's your problem, anyway?
I dunno.

If You hate Canada then why do you live here?
I don't hate anything...I just make fun of stuff sometimes, that's all.

How Stupid are You?
Decently....but it varies from day to day.


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