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Saturday, March 26, 2011

on Mackandal and Anon

Mackandal: the original anon?

In the mid 20th century the slaves of Haiti rebelled against the French colonists and Napoleon Bonaparte. Many figures and heroes stand out (Boukman, Oge, etc.) yet one of the biggest factors which lead to the successful slave revolt was the FEAR the colonists had of a man named Mackandal.

He was a living legend and no one knew if he was real or not...yet they knew they were terrified of him.

He poisoned many slave holders and killed 100's of corrupt government leaders even after he supposedly died, everytime a slave owner was poisoned people were scared that Mackandal was back again FROM THE DEAD WOOOOOOOOO.

The fear of the slave owners and colonists of Mackandal (not knowing anything about him and whether he even exists, and how many cool voodoo powers he has or not) is similar to how the media views anonymous.

It's mainly just a group of morons who post shitty pictures on the intertube...but to the media it's a horrible force that they are scared of....a modern day Mackandal.

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